Feniton fight gains more national support today, from CPRE

The Chief Executive of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Shaun Spiers,  has today added his support for campaigners against proposed mass development in the small East Devon village of Feniton. In an e-mail to Dr John Withrington of Fight for Fenitons Future, he said, “Feniton is facing growth of over 40% as three developers argue the case to build on open countryside. This is not ‘sustainable development’ by any stretch of the imagination, and the outcome at Feniton will have repercussions for many countryside communities facing the same threats.”

DSC_0031                      DSC_0033             DSC_0086           Feniton Suzi Bond

Last Saturday’s protest march in the village, backed by the East Devon Alliance, sparked national and regional interest, as well as excellent coverage in the local press. The Daily Telegraph, and BBC South West’s ‘Inside Out’ had in-depth reports. The following links have details: