A question for the SWAP internal auditor

At the last Audit and Governance meeting, the internal auditor – SWAP – said they wanted electors to ask questions about Knowle relocation (as if there haven’t been enough!

So here is one:

What is the difference between “cost neutral” and “no additional cost” when speaking of Knowle relocation?

We ask because one of the answers to a question asked about this on “What Do They Know” is as follows:

Question: Could you confirm that the council still wishes to render any final decision as cost neutral?
Answer: To be specific, the Council is committed to delivering new offices at no additional cost to council tax payers.


Now, obviously there is something different about the two phrases or the answer would not have been so specific.

We are keeping our beady eyes on this one – the devil is in the detail and detail is hard to find at Knowle.