5 February 2015 – National Voter Registration Day

Honestly, to read the EDDC webpage you wouldn’t think that our Chief Executive and Electoral Returning Officer had recently been brought before a Parliamentary Committee and hauled over the coals for doing little or nothing to register votes over the last few years! What’s that noise? Spinning, spinning!

“National Voter Registration Day is about spreading the word and encouraging people to take action by registering. However, it’s not only young people that we’re keen to register, we want all our residents that are eligible to vote to register, and we hope this day will focus attention on this aim.

Registering to vote is easy, just visit gov.uk/register-to-vote.”


One thought on “5 February 2015 – National Voter Registration Day

  1. Coming out of Exeter along Topsham Road today I noticed a number of lampposts flying flags encouraging people to register to vote.
    I haven’t noticed any such encouragement anywhere in East Devon, where the Registration Officer and CEO has been criticised for the numbers missing off the voter’s register and inadequate measures to address the issue. Have I missed any in the East a Devon area?


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