Meet the candidates…if they deign to turn up!!

Town Council hustings tonight in Sidmouth (21 April, 6.00pm -7.30 pm, in Sidmouth College).

Organised by Vision Group for Sidmouth  (VgS)

Wonder if any of the current councillors will show their mettle and be there to face questions?  Only ONE  representative came to the crowded VgS District Council hustings  last week,  with lame excuses for the rest.

Voters’ verdict: Could do better?





Conservative Cupcakes


David Cameron has previously revealed that he has watched The Great British Bake Off, which might explain these rather pricey cupcake cases.   The pack of 36 patriotic cases, in Tory blue with a Union Jack design, comes in at £5 a pop.”

Or, possibly £50,000 if auctioned for Conservative Party funds by our own Hugo Swire (see comment),  or, you could get 250 mixed colours for £4 postage free from Amazon (though their tax position of not paying very much because no-one makes them might put you off).

That, ladies and gentlemen, is today’s lesson on the free market economy!


A picture is worth a thousand words …

Prospective Parliamentary Candidates’ Hustings in Exmouth last week, picture from Hugo Swire Twitter:

exmouthpictured, l-r (but not literally)  Andrew Chapman (UKIP) ,Stuart Mole (Lib Dem), Steve Race (Labour) , Hugo Swire (Con), Claire Wright (Independent)

Caption contest suggestion:

Chapman: Now, how can I link this to the EU … tricky … but I’ll give it my best shot …

Mole: So much to say, but will voters listen to my Party?

Race:  Ditto.

Swire:  That’s my best side, make sure you get my best side …

Wright:  Is he going to say ANYTHING about East Devon?  There is so much work to be done …

If you missed the Exmouth hustings, you can hear the candidates for yourselves in interviews broadcast this morning on Radio Devon. 

Voters in Newton Poppleford: compare and contrast

Do YOU live in this la-la land?  Do your current councillors live in it?    Is Newton Poppleford and its developments in it?

Remember, we are all in it …!

Use your votes wisely: Claire Wright and East Devon Alliance or other Independent candidate

Independent of everyone …..