One thought on “Cranbrook hustings, first report

  1. I would agree. Overall Claire seemed to attract the greater applause from amongst the audience. I think many recognise the benefit of a truly local representative who has already well demonstrated how much she cares about representing people views. Hugo’s clear support was largely down to three people sitting together, one of whom I was told was his bag carrier, who clapped every time he spoke and regardless of what he said. Others were more discerning, Steve Race making some good points, so too the Lib Deb candidate. The UKIP candidate was the least popular, followed by Hugo
    Hugo ducked a few questions, for example focusing on the governments pledge about the level of overseas aid-and not answering the question about what we should be doing about persecuted migrants dying in their thousands in their desperate attempts to survive.
    No help either in explaining the 12 billion that is supposed to be coming off the welfare budget – but then we know where he stands on welfare claimants


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