The owl returns …..



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Owl belongs to no political party, is not financed by any political party or politically aligned individual or group, but DOES support AUTHENTIC political independence in local politics.

“Totalitarianism is what happens when the elite gets together with the mob”

Hannah Arendt

6 thoughts on “The owl returns …..

  1. Really good to see the Owl back in operation. Whilst you’ve been away, there seems to have been a lot of worrying decisions and requests made relating to the Local Plan. Let’s hope the inspector, Mr Thickett, has the same beady eye on things that you have.


  2. Never mind the will of the electorate, they’re all donkeys, – it’s East Devon Watch’s bat and ball and they’re taking them home, so there!


  3. Gutted, its such a shame. The media blinded everyone to the true facts and now people have walked into 4 years of hardship. Bye bye NHS , education and green belt , guess we will need a larger food bank!


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