One thought on ““Housing ladder collapses for under 40s”

  1. All Councils know we have this problem and they know we also have a shortage of skilled labour, and the young having to rent because of the high deposits needed by first time buyers.
    It is no credit to EDDC who do intend to build apartments if they can get away it, along Queens Drive which perhaps will be the the only way to be able to finance all the development that was called the Exmouth Splash.
    With the ever growing costs of the whole scheme, these Sea Front regeneration improvements, are totally unnecessary.
    The completion of Mamhead, and a cafe at Orcombe Point along side a few other small sensitive changes would benefit Exmouth so much more.
    If EDDC really want to help the dire situation of a housing shortage they should not be planning to build more second homes on sea front, but should be encouraging the young working families of Exmouth, who are crying out for the opportunity of owning a property at a reasonable price, and this should be the morale duty from any council.
    They should have another rethink on the subject, it is the town which should benefit from the effect of any new Master Plan.


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