More Cranbrook teething troubles

Again, from the council Facebook page:

“Hi. Please could you advise me of whom I would need to speak with, to discuss the possibility of getting a suitable disabled parking space allocated in the car park beside St Martin’s School? As a disabled person with very poor mobility and a high risk of falls, I am at my wits end trying to do the school run with my toddler in tow and failing to find a safe, suitable place to park where I can easily access the school. Also, please can you advise who I need to speak with about the fact that I regularly fail to be able to park in the allocated disabled spaces in the main Younghayes Centre car park when shopping due to contractors vans (without a displayed Blue Badge) being parked in them?! Thank you.”

“Can Cranbrook please have some rubbish bins? Since the shop opened… there has been an increase in litter, especially around the parks. Some of us hope that if there were more places to responsibly dispose of litter there would be less of it left lying around. The entrances to the parks and dotted along the main local route would seem like good places.”

“Apologies if this has been suggested before but are there any plans …for any bus shelters in Cranbrook? It’s not much fun sitting on the bus and getting to work soaked through, especially as winter is fast approaching some shelter would certainly be welcomed.”