Cabinet agenda papers for 7 October 2015 highlights

Cabinet papers for 7 October 2015 are here:

Warning: they took a long time to load. This snippet from the papers, on the new joint IT company might explain why, though it must be stressed that the majority of this presentation is gung-ho positive:

Page 22 of Cabinet papers:
Nasty such surprises so far… [regarding the IT amalgamation]:

“- Civic Centre datacentre powersupply not available

– Oakwood data centre noise, power, floor strength…

– Resignation of Teignbridge Street name and numbering person

– Virgin Networks delays inconnecting sites

– Microsoft licence complexity results in extra costs

– Effort required to keep existing systems going

– Changes to accounting rules “

and one slightly worrying point, given the recent publicity about massive fraud at Exeter City Council:

Services signing off IT invoices without discussion – missed opportunities for negotiation”

and a rather worrying minute from the Scrutiny Committee which appears to suggest that the costs of running last year’s (somewhat bungled) elections are to be kept out of the public domain, where they belong:

Election funding financial statement

The Committee had previously received a financial statement as requested, following a report by the Chief Executive to the July meeting on the local elections in May.

Councillor Ranger re-iterated her point that when election scenarios are rare, in this case with all three elections, it was important to fully review the process, which included the costs.

The Democratic Services Officer advised the committee of the continued work on the preparation of the detailed accounts. She recommended that, once complete, the accounts could be viewed by any Member and, if there was still concern, explore further through the scrutiny channels if the Committee agree to pursue this.

Councillor Ranger asked if the prepared accounts could show the cost of reprinting the postal ballot issue and report this figure back to the Committee.”

and an interesting statistic on page 67:

The ” annual” canvassing of electors produced a 52.06% return of printed forms, 6.01% return for telephone canvassing, 8.4% online and 3.24% by text.

That seems to knock the ide of only telephone canvassing on the head.

And finally the last page (68) of 9 “happy clappy” bullet points contains no less than 5 of them extol the virtues of the constantly loss-making Thelma Hulbert Gallery, including a donation of £2,500 from Councillor Diviani’s Locality Budget to improve its gardens well, you will need to have somewhere to eat your sandwiches when you are at the new EDDC HQ on the industrial estate!