Cranbrook to become a ” small enterprise town” – whatever that means!

Perhaps it just means lots of self-employed people with zero-hours staff. Anyone else find this jargon for “big subsidies to business to try to kick-start failed projects” annoying? It hasn’t worked, so pump more taxpayer money into it. AND the number of jobs to be created (Owl seems to remember it was 6,000 at Skypark alone a while back):

Councillor Paul Diviani, leader of East Devon District Council, said:

“We are over the moon to be awarded Enterprise Zone status as important recognition of East Devon’s strategy for growth with the potential to provide 10,000 jobs and 18,000 homes in East Devon.”

Again, anyone remember the “one new job to be created to one new home” mantra – now, with more money it’s nearer half a job per house! Try paying the mortgage on that small enterprisers!

And the new zone:

“Hopes of an influx of new businesses to East Devon have been raised after a joint bid with Sedgemoor for Enterprise Zone status was approved.

The bid, which was given the green light by Chancellor George Osborne as part of the Autumn Statement, comprises five sites across two locations in the Heart of the South West (HotSW), four in East Devon and one near Bridgwater in Sedgemoor.

The Enterprise Zone combines the South West’s largest brownfield site at Huntspill Energy Park near Bridgwater with the innovation led offer of Exeter Science Park, the low carbon credentials of SkyPark, expansion space for Exeter Airport business park and the development of the new community of Cranbrook as a small enterprise town, all linked by the M5 corridor.

Benefits of enterprise zones include the local area being able to keep 100 per cent of the growth in business rates over 25 years, to re-invest in infrastructure and growth generating projects.” …

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  1. Yet another un-hyphenated and confusing “noun-stack” . Sloppy English to go with the sloppy planning (or worse) and pathetic project and budget management.


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