East Devon eighth least-affordable place in the country

Page 99 of current cabinet papers:

In East Devon:

Unemployment = 546 people as at September 2015. This is 0.7% of total population and represents a reduction of 136 since May 2014.

Working age population = 63.6%

Median full-time salary = £22,700

Earnings are 7% lower compared to the English average.

Average house prices to salary ratio are 11:1, which is the highest in Devon.

East Devon is the 8th least affordable district in England

(The Joseph Rowntree Foundation)”

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3 thoughts on “East Devon eighth least-affordable place in the country

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  2. The latest figures (from last week) for East Devon’s average house price in relation to average income are: average house price = £270,982 and average income= £23,171 , so pushing up to a 12 to 1 ratio.


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