The perils of employing your mates

Lord Feldman is the latest person implicated in the bullying scandal and, after the resignation of Grant Shapps (aka Michael Green) there are calls for his resignation.

Another of Dav’s good friends is our MP Hugo Swire, who was at school with him at Eton.

It is probably not a good idea to put friends in positions of power and influence.

… “Feldman rarely gives interviews, has never stood for elected office and is virtually unknown outside Westminster. There is no biographical information about him on the parliament website. …

…2008 Feldman and George Osborne were guests for drinks on a yacht owned by the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, moored off Corfu. Both Feldman and Osborne insisted they had not discussed donations with the Russian, which would have been illegal. Feldman later said he had gone aboard merely because he was “fascinated” to see a boat of that size so close up.

When Feldman indicated before this year’s general election that he wanted to return to the family business, Cameron made him sole chairman of the party, with a seat in cabinet. He is the first Tory chairman to have his own office in 10 Downing Street. So close are the two, the barrister reportedly helped prepare Cameron for his appearance at the Leveson inquiry into press standards, firing likely questions at him.

Described as direct and easygoing, with a “sharp business brain”, Feldman is credited with helping to widen the party’s financial base. However, some believe he is not independently political enough. A party chairman should be able to deliver uncomfortable truths to a prime minister, which critics say he cannot do because he is completely David Cameron’s creation.”