One post office box, two mobiles, an 0300 number and a “promise” ….

This page of last week’s Sidmouth Herald is SO entertaining!


Swire says we shouldn’t be worried that devolution deals are being done behind closed doors and that power is being devolved from politicians in Whitehall.

But he neglects to say that it is being devolved to … er … a bunch of anonymous, unelected businessmen in … er … well, they have a post office box number in Exeter, two mobile phone numbers and an 0300 numbers on their contact us webpage:

so they could be anywhere!  Running their businesses, perhaps …..

and as a bonus we get a” Buy one, get one free” offer from Diviani promising us those missing relocation documents (the ones he was ordered to produce last May) ” soon”. Was the “Sale, amazing offers” advert a coincidence or a subliminal message to us all?

BOGOF indeed.