Cottage left off developer’s plans to be surrounded by 700 houses: council suggests developers phone cottage owners to tell them


“A couple have been left horrified after they discovered their dream farm cottage is set to be surrounded by a modern 700 house estate.
Cheryle Walton, 56, and her partner Paul Jones, 50, were completely unaware of plans to build the mini town – insisting that at no point were they consulted.

It was only when they were speaking with passer-by who mentioned the development that they found out that the 507,500 square metre estate in Chippenham, Wiltshire, is set to completely encompass their detached cottage, which currently sits in miles of green fields.

The devastated couple’s house – estimated to now be worth £500,000 – doesn’t even appear on the submitted aerial drawings of the proposed new estate – despite being right in the middle. …

… If it goes ahead, they will be totally swallowed by the estate, joining up their currently rural home with the rest of the town. The plans propose erecting 700 homes on the 50 hectares site to the north east of Chippenham. It also includes 4.5 hectares of ’employment space’, 10 hectares of public open space, cycle paths, ‘retirement living’, a primary school and a nursery. …”


A spokesman for Wiltshire Council added: ‘The developers carried out public consultation events on these planning proposals and should have ensured all residents were told.

‘We understand from Miss Walton that she was not informed and was only made aware when she received a letter from us in January stating a planning application has been submitted by the developers.

‘We’ve suggested the developers call Miss Walton to explain what they are planning to do and why she was not involved earlier in the public consultation events.’