All those new jobs for “Greater Exeter” – we might need to think again!

Exeter has come top on the list of cities with the most jobs that will be lost to robots.

Roughly one-in-11 vacancies across the UK currently being advertised are likely to be obsolete by 2035, according to new calculations from jobs website Adzuna.

Of the 56 major UK cities studied Exeter has the highest proportion of job at risk, with 9% likely to eventually be replaced by robots.

The sorts of jobs at risk include billboard installer, tree trimmer and fence builder. …

… The report showed that of 56 major UK towns and cities studied, Exeter was revealed to have the highest proportion of advertised vacancies at risk of automation, with almost nine per cent of all ads for jobs in the city being for roles Oxford University researchers think very likely to be replaced by robots within 20 years.

Doug Monro, Adzuna’s co-founder, said:”The risk of a robot invasion on the Devon coast might sound fanciful, but there’s a serious message for younger workers, whether they’re looking for their first job, or are comfortably in a career: if you want to remain relevant in the workplace, you need to develop skills that cannot be easily automated.”