Top designer offers help with new Exmouth seafront ideas

“Wayne Hemingway is willing to visit Exmouth and share his thoughts on the Queens Drive development.

The East Devon District Council project is currently on hold after a shock announcement the site would be re-tendered because of a lack of progress on the part of original developer, Moirai Capital Investments.

Environmental community group Transition Exmouth contacted the noted designer following the decision. …

… As well as having a good record on community involvement, Wayne demonstrates a sensitivity to traditional seaside entertainments and locales which is why he would be the ideal person to involve in the consultation guiding the revised Masterplan for Exmouth.

He added: “Transition Exmouth calls on Cllr. Philip Skinner, Chair of Exmouth Regeneration Board and Chair of Exmouth Coastal Communities Team to demonstrate a willingness to listen to an outside expert and himself issue the invitation to Wayne Hemingway to visit our town.”

Hemingway has indicated that he is willing to visit Exmouth and has suggested a date, requesting only a formal invite.

The council has outline planning permission to develop the Queen’s Drive site to include a cafe and public open space, retail units, a hotel or holiday accommodation, car parking, and indoor and outdoor play facilities.

This includes the water sports centre at the front of the Queen’s Drive site, where the council has forged a partnership with Grenadier Estates for the proposed new £4 million community-owned centre.

This project is hoped to be under way early 2017.”

One thought on “Top designer offers help with new Exmouth seafront ideas

  1. I’d personally be intrigued as to what Wayne Hemingway could add to the discussion.
    Clearly offering a visit exceeds anything EDDC councillors have offered, in fact I’d be interested to know who, and how many EDDC councillors have taken the trouble to visit the site, and speak personally to those whose lives will be impacted by their decision !


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