East Devon Alliance fields Brixington by-election candidate

… who makes his views known in a letter to the Exmouth Journal:

Messrs O’Day and Huett, correspondents in your September 1 issue, summed up perfectly the continuing and absolute disregard shown by East Devon District Council (EDDC) towards Exmouth residents.

What is it that EDDC does not understand about the frustration and anger which is brought about by its plans? Why has there been no action following the town poll to request proper consultation on these plans?

Any commercial organisation acting in what I consider such an arrogant and dismissive manner towards its customers would soon be out of business.

EDDC is acting as if it has an absolute right to do with taxpayers’ money and assets as it sees fit.

The officers appear to be running a monopoly, with no competition for the services provided and no fear of losing their extremely well paid jobs.

The ruling group of Conservative councillors have been in place for a long time and seem to have consequently developed a sense of entitlement.

They act as if the money they spend, eg on their proposed seafront development, is theirs alone. It is our money and, as such, we must be involved in how it is spent.

There is a solution though, as shown by Mr Lowder in your September 1 issue.

Local democracy means turning out to vote in the Brixington by-election on October 6 and, if you disagree with how the ruling party is behaving, then vote for change.

Robin Humphreys
Prospective East Devon Alliance candidate
Trelivan Close, Exmouth”


9 thoughts on “East Devon Alliance fields Brixington by-election candidate

  1. In answer to Councillor Eileen Wragg, I do think due to all their work in the community along with Pat Graham and Steve-Gazzard and other colleagues, the Liberal Democrats will again hold the balance of power along with the increased Independent Councillors who no doubt will win a lot more seats all over East Devon in the next Election.
    The Conservative members have badly let the residents down because by following the party line so religiously, they have been instrumental in letting the local businesses down in Queens Drive who have for years worked on the very seasonal sea front area, which any new business will need to take this into account, if and when they sign any new high value leases which EDDC will try very hard to sell, to cover the reported £18 million that we have been told this new development will cost.
    They have done very little in improving our environment, and complicated themselves by their election promise of telling us all, that they were against any large development on our sea front, and would endorse the building of more family houses, and were against more apartments on the Exmouth Esplanade.


  2. We were informed that EDDC was arranging a Visitors Survey on what those who holiday in Exmouth would like to see on our sea front, and the kind of facilities which would enhance their experience in coming into this area.
    We are not aware of what answers EDDC found appropriate which could convince Cllr Skinner to go ahead with demolishing the play area’s, but should we not hear what the findings were, before anything happens.
    All these surveys are an extra cost to the community, should we not be told what the results have shown, and how much it has cost us.


  3. I do wonder if your letter will be printed in the Journal, but i am certain that we must hope we do get the changes that Exmouth needs if it is to have any semblance of awareness that our local democracy from our elected representatives has so badly evaporated during the last four years with all the lack of transparency from Councillors and their own approved officials.


    • I note that you did not publish my last reply in which I said that Lib Dems at Town and District Councils do not have a whip & that I have not & would not be told how to vote. We use our own integrity, that is what liberal democracy is about. I would be interested to see if you choose to publish this response.


    • Owl did not receive the comment you mention. if someone who belongs to a party doesn’t follow its whip, why are they not Independent?


    • How can they follow a nonexistent whip? We really are independently minded. One Lib Dem colleague prominently displayed ‘LEAVE’ posters in his windows in the recent EU referendum. I know of others who voted ‘Out’.


    • Which makes the independent point even stronger! If you all believe different things why call yourselves Lib Dems?


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