Swire: is the Maldives more important to him than the loss of NHS beds in East Devon?

On 22 September 2016, Hugo Swire issued a bland statement about planned hospital bed closures in East Devon, broadly supportive of the plan as long as Sidmouth hospital’s beds were amongst those to be retained:


On the same day, he tweeted that he had met with Devon Doctors and “agreed with them that some local politicians had mislead the local community and should apologise”.

(To date, Swire has not named those local politicians, nor has he elaborated on what they should apologise about).
Yesterday, he tweeted:

Just finished 2 hour meeting at County Hall with @NEWDevonCCG and Success Regime on hospital beds consultation.“.

He does not mention whether this was (yet another) private briefing for him and Conservative politicians or whether it included others not of that persuasion.

Since then he has Tweeted on the cessation of the “Right to Buy” scheme and “Daesh on the back foot”.

He has not added any clarification of his meeting about the NHS in Devon.

In the last week, all his (written) questions (4) in Parliament have been about the Maldives:


One thought on “Swire: is the Maldives more important to him than the loss of NHS beds in East Devon?

  1. Is that Maldives Drive, Budleigh by some chance? Or has he just failed to notice that his responsibilities no longer include foreign countries but are solely related to East Devon?

    Or, perhaps more likely, he finds interests in distant lands both effort and stress free, whilst dealing with “whinging constituents” and “lying” opposition politicians (in local government since he has little opposition or his Parliamentary seat for the next 3 years or so) might result in both effort and stress.

    No – much better to live the life of Riley on his lavish MP’s salary (plus of course the extra payments to his wife for “services”) even if this is substantially less than he previously received whilst jet-setting around the world at our expense.


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