Pots call kettles dirty in Exeter – vice versa in East Devon!

Tories call for transparency from Labour over bus station vanity project gone wrong in Exeter whilst in Tories try to block transparency on Knowle relocation gone wrong in East Devon. Tories demand answers in Exeter, Tories refuse to give answers in East Devon!

“Exeter Tory leader Cllr Andrew Leadbetter has blasted the city council for “biting off more than it can chew” with their unrealistic “passion project.

In his 20 years on the council he claims he has never seen “such disarray” on a development.

He said: “The whole thing so far has been shrouded in secrecy. And we want a proper explanation about what is happening.

“For instance, is it a long-term delay? Is it a cancellation? How much has been spent so far? What is the secrecy and why can’t all members be told?

“If the Labour council is getting this so wrong, what else can they get wrong?

“We want to talk to the people about what cheaper option they would want there. We are certainly not adverse to the idea of a theatre or a hotel and conference centre.”

He added: “I also have strong concerns about the Crown Estate’s Princesshay Leisure part of the scheme. They do not need much to walk away from this, and we’ll be left with a bomb site.”


You can see why (Tory) politics gets a bad name in Devon!

Remmber this when you vote in the May 2017 county elections and vote Independent!