What is going on at Honiton Town Council (and the Beehive)?

THREE more resignations since yesterday’s shock resignation of the Mayor only minutes after she had been elected:

Honiton Town Council has been dealt a double blow after two more councillors quit the authority.

Former mayor Peter Halse and Luke Harvey-Ingram tendered their resignation today, meaning one fifth of the council has quit in the last 48 hours.

Yesterday evening, the council was rocked after new mayor Ashley Delasalle attacked the authority before dramatically resigning on the spot and leaving the meeting.

Her exit was followed by David Perkins quitting as a member, the council-appointed director of Honiton Community Complex Ltd and temporary responsible financial officer.

His resigned after councillors voted to remove him from a committee investigating the finances around the Beehive build.”


The Beehive community centre has been surrounded by controversy since its inception, when it was given a massive amount of money by EDDC (unlike most other similar centres in other towns) and got into much financial difficulty from the start, see here:


and here:


and here:


and a previous resignation here:


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