Expensive Teignbridge Council CEO not being replaced

Owl says: Remember when our current CEO went 50/50 to South Somerset Council and no-one noticed – and his work was shared out to other officers? Somerset terminated that contract early and he returned to us full time.


“A council chief who is paid almost as much as the Prime Minister is leaving her post next month. Nicola Bulbeck, Teignbridge Council’s CEO, told a meeting of the full council on Monday that she would be departing from her role on June 9 once she has fulfilled her duties as the Acting Returning Officer for the General Election.

Ms Bulbeck faced criticism last year after it was revealed that she had been awarded an inflation-busting 12 per cent pay rise. Her total remuneration package, including pension contributions and benefits in kind, jumped from £126,097 in 2014/15 to £141,972 in the 2015/16 financial year. Theresa May currently receives £143,462 for leading the country, the Conservative Party and overseeing the hugely complicated Brexit process. …

… Ms Bulbeck will not be directly replaced, but instead, her duties will be distributed between the existing officers and the Deputy Chief Executive, Phil Shears who will become the Head of Paid Service.”


2 thoughts on “Expensive Teignbridge Council CEO not being replaced

  1. Do you think they are at last realising the money pot is not big enough to continue paying these ridiculous salaries and sustain the level of current headcount within our councils. Also how does CEO EDDC fill his now full time hours since Dorset [South Smerset] decided to no longer use his part time services and disposed of him back to his then part time role within EDDC. EDDC for some reason decided this role would become full time within EDDC. Strange that huh?


  2. Greater Exeter, Greater Devon? Exeter, Teignbridge and East Devon – they won’t need as many senior officers once we’re all merged into Greater Exeter. Wonder if EDDC will need that new office in Honiton?


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