DCC transport supremo Stuart Hughes on the spot next week

“On Monday Devon Live launches a series of special reports into the county’s congestion problems and the impact that pollution is having on people’s lives.

Gridlocked Devon will look at some of the major challenges caused by congestion across the county and find out what is being done to encourage people to use other modes of transport. …

Investigations throughout the week will reveal the attitude of local authorities to sustainable travel and highlight some of Devon’s pollution hotspots.

Gridlocked Devon will culminate on Friday with a Facebook Live debate tackling some of the major travel problems facing the county.

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One thought on “DCC transport supremo Stuart Hughes on the spot next week

  1. You mean using other modes of transport like…

    Non-existent busses – if you are an OAP you can have a free bus pass, but its not much good if there are no busses to get on
    Unaffordable taxis
    Trains from stations and on lines that have been shut for decades
    Cycling over hill and dale for 10-20 miles between major towns
    (especially good if you are an OAP and have trouble even walking)

    I don’t have much time for Ken Livingstone, but when I lived in London he completely revitalised public transport by making it frequent and affordable and it hasn’t looked back since. OK – London is not rural Devon, but a lot of us would use buses a lot more often if they were cheap and frequent.

    When you combine poverty and gridlock and no public transport and distant services (like banks, post offices, dentists and hospitals) and new health services which will have carers and nurses adding to the gridlock and massive growth in homes without growth in road capacity, this is quite literally a deadly combination.


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