Q: who does Diviani represent on the NHS? A: Jeremy Hunt

How does Owl know?

Well, he DOESN’T represent East Devon District Council – they told him to vote to keep local community hospital beds and maternity services open. He went to a DCC scrutiny meeting and voted to close them.

He DOESN’T represent the eight district councils he is supposed to represent at DCC [as a co-optee NOT a full member of the committee – and he was only allowed to vote because the badly-worded DCC constitution does not make the voting power of a co-optee clear] because he admitted in public that he did not consult any of the other councils before voting.

He DOESN’T represent DCC because he has not stood for election to that council and been successful.

WHAT was his reason/excuse/pathetic flim flam for his vote then?

That other attempts to refer the closure to the Secretary of State had failed, so this one would also fail.

How did he know that? Does he have a direct line to Hunt’s office or what passes for Hunt’s brain? He must have one or the other because he KNEW in advance what would happen and chose to vote on what he says he KNEW.

But if he KNEW what would happen (and he says he did) then why not vote as EDDC told him to do? The letter would have failed and he could still say he had voted as instructed at EDDC (though not as other councils wanted as he had no idea about that.

BUT – as he again admitted – it would have slowed down the closure. It would have given councils, the staff and supporters of the hospitals, the patients and their carers, more time to put alternative plans into action. More home care staff, more suitable plans for hospital buildings, better care for patients at home.

He did none of these things. He and Sarah Randall-Johnson consigned community hospitals to the rubbish heap.

And all because, he says, he knew what Jeremy Hunt would do.

So, now we know, he has a direct line to Jeremy Hunt and does what Jeremy Hunt wants him to do.

But why? Owl can only guess that he wants a gong from this despicable government to add to his only other qualification – an innkeepers certificate.

And the only way to do that is do the bidding of those who hand them out.

And if that isn”t his rationale, Owl would welcome a comment from him which would be published on the blog in full.

And what of his “representation” of the other councils? Who voted for him to be their representative? Was there a vote at all?

Or conversations in dark corners of County Hall?

2 thoughts on “Q: who does Diviani represent on the NHS? A: Jeremy Hunt

  1. Come on Owl. Conversations in dark corners of County Hall? Why does it have to be that complicated.

    Personally, I would imagine that Diviani’s co-option was a consequence of two things:

    a. A long standing friendship between Sarah Randall Johnson and The Div dating back to their many shared years at EDDC, and The Div succeeding SRJ as “Leader” [sic.] of EDDC.

    P.S. Remember his quip at that time about not consulting then ignoring the consultation.

    b. SRJ knowing that The Div could be relied upon to vote as she would want him too – partly because of their shared history, possibly because of his “debts” of gratitude for getting him to where he is today (by which I mean his EDDC “leadership” rather than him being reviled by large parts of the population), and partly because they both (apparently) share a “party before voters” philosophy.

    Who needs conspiracy when co-opting someone you can rely on for votes and bending the DCC constitution to fit your party goals is so easy?


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