2 thoughts on “What costs more – benefit fraud or tax evasion?

  1. I am surprised that the Tax Justice Network estimate is so small given the huge profits and tiny taxes paid by e.g. Costa, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter etc.

    But even if we only look at the government estimates, it is clear that the Conservatives are focusing efforts on punishing the less fortunate few who claim benefits fraudulently than their rich friends and sponsors who legally avoid (or even evade) taxes.


    • I know I sound anti-Conservative, but my views are based only on the evidence I see that they are the “Nasty Party”.

      I would welcome anyone posting evidence that they aren’t the Nasty Party to give some balance to the evidence my thinking is based on.

      (See also my other challenges which no one has yet been able to answer: evidence of any outsource / privatisation which has been successful in the long run, examples of a Conservative admitting they were wrong, evidence that our local MPs give a hoot about their constituencies and actually did something about NHS closures, evidence that Conservative claims on a strong economy are actually true.)


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