And Swire gets mentioned here, too!

This article appeared on 20 March 2018 on a website called “Sarawak Report” which describes itself as a sister organisation of Radio Free Sarawak.  Radio Free Sarawak was created by investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown in 2010 and has won the IPI International Press Institue’s Free Media Pioneers Award 2013 and the Communication for Social Change Award 2014 for its “impact on the political debate” in Malaysia.  It is also recognised by the Index on Censorship for being a “champion against censorship”.  It reports that it has been at the forefront of exposing corruption about how”billions of dollars were borrowed then chanelled out of Malaysia under the instructions of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak”.  It goes on to say that the Malaysian Government unsuccessfully requested INTERPOL to place its editors on to its Red Notice list, normally reserved for terror suspects, as reported by Human Rights Watch and Reporters without Borders.  INTERPOL wrote to its 190-member national police forces not to use Interpol’s channels in this matter and also requested to remove any data from their national databases.

“EXPOSE! – Petronas Was Pitched As A Front For A BN Covert Campaign By Cambridge Analytica/SCL For The Sarawak Election

20 March 2018

“The controversial UK campaign company was behind a covert contract designed to influence unwitting Sarawak voters into supporting BN, using secret ‘scientific’ and ‘behavioural’ methods that claimed to “innoculate” target communities against ideas promoted by the opposition, such as a higher petroleum royalty for the state……

… In July 2014, just before the issue of SCL’s Petronas pitch, Lord Marland resigned as then Prime Minister David Cameron’s Trade Envoy and set up a limited company confusingly named the Commonwealth Investment and Enterprise Council. Although the name might imply some kind of official Commonwealth status, it is in fact merely a small business entity.

Marland’s Wikipeida entry states he was then ‘made Chairman’ of the Council, whereas in fact, as the Director and 50% shareholder of the £2.00 company, he plainly accorded himself the title of Chairman.

The website of the Commonwealth Investment and Enterprise Council (CWIEC) is surprisingly uninformative about its limited company status in the ‘About Us’ section, preferring to concentrate on the apparent relationship with the Commonwealth Secretariat, which has provided the company with ‘small’ office space at its headquarters in Malborough House.

Indeed, the CWIEC appears to have acquired what it describes as “a mandate” to organise trade events for the Commonwealth Secretariat and says it is a not for profit company dedicated to boosting trade and enterprise within the Commonwealth. Notably, it was the CWIEC that organsied the face-saving Britain/Malaysia trade event for Najib at Malborough House in June 2016, shortly after the Department of Justice published its court filing over 1MDB that showed a billion dollars of borrowed cash had gone from the fund into Najib’s bank accounts.

That trade conference took place just two days after Cameron’s ‘Anti-Corruption Conference’ in London, which was in exactly the same location at Malborough House.

Questioned by Channel 4 News outside the controversial event, Lord Marland implied there could be no proof that Najib had taken the money, until his own appointed Attorney General launched a prosecution (thus ignoring the fact that Najib had just fired the previous AG, who had attempted to do just that).

Although the conference was described as non-official by UK government spokesmen, who claimed no ministers would attend, in the event Hugo Swire, then a Foreign Office Minister, none the less attended it. Swire at the time told the Wall Street Journal “I am not setting myself up as a judge and jury” on Najib, thus registering an apparent Government line towards the 1MDB affair.

Political Clout

The newly appointed Director of the ‘Commonwealth Investment and Enterprise Council’ is none other than Hugo Swire MP, who took up the job after losing Foreign Office post in a government re-shuffle in late 2016. Swire has now been registered as a controlling individual of this limited company as of July 27th last year. The good relationship with the pseudo-official company has therefore provided valuable political support for Najib in the UK.

Sarawak Report therefore questions the apparent conflict between Marland’s not for profit activities, organising trade links with Commonwealth Countries and high profile events attended by government leaders, and the various secretive SCL election campaigns being conducted to keep those leaders in power like Malaysia.”