NHS and taxes: pay once, pay twice, pay three times

Once: original taxes
Twice: new additional tax
Thrice: means-tested assistance with care needs:

“Taxes are going to have to rise to pay for the NHS if the UK is to avoid “a decade of misery” in which the old, sick and vulnerable are let down, say experts.
The Institute for Fiscal Studies and Health Foundation said the NHS would need an extra 4% a year – or £2,000 per UK household – for the next 15 years. …”

Most interesting of all is this table:

The Lib Dems didn’t do themselves any favours in coalition did they!


And here’s Owl thinking we paid once!

One thought on “NHS and taxes: pay once, pay twice, pay three times

  1. As I keep saying, there is NO need for any tax rises to pay for the NHS. They just need to stop wasting £10BN-£30BN PER YEAR on running the NHS “Market” just so that they can privatise it.

    The real lesson from the above graph is that, if you want to have a health system starved of cash, with post-code lotteries and waiting lists, and private companies taking out profits and cherry picking profitable services and poor quality care – presumably because you hope that you will be lucky enough never to need their services – then you should vote Conservative.

    But if you want a decent health service, with funding growing in line with an ageing population’s needs, you need to vote Labour.


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