Might there be a General Election soon? Swire’s e-bulletin might be a hint!

Swire’s “e-bulletin” messages have been few and far between recently. Perhaps his wife has been busy (as he says she helps with his digital presence).

We have seen the following e-bulletins:

Aug 2014, Nov 2014, Mar 2015, Aug 2015, Dec 2015
Apr 2016, Aug 2016, Dec 2016
Apr 2017, Nov 2017
and now
Jul 2018

So apparently now less than half-yearly.

Of course, now he is no longer a Cabinet Minister we can fully understand why he has LESS time to devote to constituents – it’s all those other jobs he has which take up so much time:


But Owl does fantasise (just a bit) about whether issuing this now is actually a response to the deteriorating political situation for his party – or perhaps Claire Wright’s hard work locally and her recent activities in Westminster getting him increasingly worried.

If you want to read it, go to his web page but Owl has a few observations. However, here is Owl’s summary:

Whatever happened to the Sidmouth Survey he mentions?

He writes extensively about English Tourism Week – yet he does more and speaks more in more in Parliament for tourism in the Middle East.

He boasts about his army service – probably worth reminding people that it was both short and completely devoid of active service in e.g. Afghanistan or Kuwait or the Balkans or any other real hot-spot.

Then he has another boast about his Middle East work.

Next he boasts about his work with CPRE – and having attended one public meeting at their invitation.

Then, we get to THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC of his e-bulletin which is SO IMPORTANT it gets a boastful video rather than just a boring old boastful photograph. Yes – you guessed correctly – it’s unemployment? … health care? … social care? … infrastructure? … impact of Brexit? … tourism? … no actually its Protecting British Flora from Imported Diseases.

Next up, he has piggybacked on the efforts of Cllr Elli Pang and Philip Algar and other locals (including Claire Wright) in Ottery St Mary who have been campaigning ceaselessly about Ottery Hospital for decades, to claim to be vitally interested in what happens to it.

Then it’s back to nature topics again to use two columns to double up on his concerns about Sea Horses.

So, there you have it.

Owl’s suggestion: go here instead for a more comprehensive and meaningful view on local issues: http://www.claire-wright.org/