Sky News claimed 55% of the NHS budget is spent on over 85s – the REAL amount is VERY different

A Sky News article claimed that 55% of all NHS spending went on people 85+:

An independent fact-checking charity decided to research this claim.

Sky News told them it calculated the figures based on data published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), but the IFS told us they don’t recognise these figures. They have asked Sky for more information.

Other figures the charity has seen from the IFS suggest that the proportion of health spending across the UK (rather than just the NHS budget) which goes to those aged 85 and over is likely to be around 10% by 2021/22.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) told them it wasn’t familiar with the figures used by Sky News, but did provide them with other information.

When compared to a 30 year-old, spending across the UK on health (not just the NHS) for an 85 year-old is projected to be 5.6 times higher in 2021/22, and twice as much for a 65 year-old. That’s taking account of the fact that not all people of those ages will necessarily need to use health care.

But that doesn’t mean that 85 year-olds will require 5.6 times as much of the budget as 30 year-olds, because there are fewer people at that age.

Using population projections for 2021 we can see that those aged 85 and over are projected to make up just 3% of the population of the UK. Those aged between 65 and 84 made up 16% and those aged 30-64 made up 45%.

Based on this, 10% of health spending across the UK would go to those over the age of 85 by 2021/22, 32% would go to those aged 65 to 84 and 35% would go to those between the age of 30 and 64.

One thought on “Sky News claimed 55% of the NHS budget is spent on over 85s – the REAL amount is VERY different

  1. Well, Sky wouldn’t want to let something as trivial as facts and the truth get in the way of peddling their right wing propaganda, would they?

    Remember Sky News is owned by the same person as Fox News in the US – and we all know just how biased they are (to the point of sycophantic fawning over Donald Trump). And that proprietor has the same ultra-right-wing agenda to promote in the UK because it is in his personal interests as an ultra-rich individual not because it is the truth or because it is in OUR interests.

    You used to be able to trust the “news” regardless of who was reporting it – these days the majority of news organisations have a political agenda (rather than an ethical position to report truthfully the facts without bias and let the public make up their own minds).

    So if you are interested in making up your mind based on real facts – rather than simply be made to believe in politics decided by the news proprietor – you need to choose your news source wisely. REMEMBER – you will have to live for the rest of your life with the political outcomes that result from the choices you make, so (as the knight said in Indiana Jones & The Holy Grail) “CHOOSE WISELY”.


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