Does Swire fear “Islamic Republic of Britain?

Seems so from his Twitter account:

Just for balance:

5% of British people are Muslim (few of whom advocate the burka):

0.4% of the population of Devon (just over 3,000 people in the whole of Devon) is Muslim:

0.2% of East Devon residents (229 people in East Devon) are Muslim:

2 thoughts on “Does Swire fear “Islamic Republic of Britain?

  1. Well, after the 2017 General Election, Hugo Swire was exhibiting definite signs of paranoia, blocking people from his Twitter feed, calling them “vile and libellous” but unwilling to back that up with any evidence. So should we be surprised that he is fearful that 0.2% of his constituency will rise up and depose him?

    If 0.2% of the population of Hugo’s constituency are Muslim, and these are (say) 1/3 each of men, women and children, that means that Hugo is frightened that 0.07% of the population is enough to convert the entire District to Islam.

    And of course, the article (and by implication Hugo) talks about the burka when anyone who had any genuine knowledge of Islam would know that of those Muslim women who believe in dressing modestly, many do not wear any head covering, whilst the majority who do believe in covering their hair do so with a scarf or Hijab, leaving their face visible. Only a small minority take the desire for modesty to mean covering their face, and almost all of these wear a veil known as a Niqab. In this country only a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, miniscule, tiny number of Muslim women in the UK wear a Burka which is a full body covering (a bit like a tent) with a lace patch to see through. So Boris, the author of this Times article, and Hugo are all utterly ignorant about Islam and Muslim women, so you really shouldn’t believe this sort of rabble-rousing Islamophobic tripe.


    • P.S. According to the Independent, Lord Cooper (Conservative peer and former director of strategy for 10 Downing Street) said: “The rottenness of Boris Johnson goes deeper even than his causal racism and his equally casual courting of fascism.”

      If that can be said of Boris, then IMO it equally can be said of Hugo Swire. So is Hugo Swire also guilty of “courting fascism”?


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