The big 2022 “social housing” con

“… May’s rabbit-in-the-hat was an additional 2bn funding for affordable housing. Considering the scale of the crisis, this is almost pitiful. It will build just 40,000 new affordable homes, when we have a need for more than a million. And the funding itself won’t be available until 2022, at which point are very likely to have a different government and/or prime minister. …

… For a number of years, big housing associations have been behaving more and more like private developers. May was quite right yesterday when she said they are ‘major multi-billion pound businesses’. And as the number of homes they build increases, their new model is proving so lucrative that private providers, pension funds and other investors are coming along for the ride, reinventing themselves as ‘affordable housing developers’, seeing a clear business opportunity for doing something that apparently has a social purpose.

But the homes they are building are not the houses we need, and the social purpose is often harder and harder to see. By far the greatest need is for social housing, and we are building the lowest levels of that since the Second World War, despite the pretty high housing outputs of housing associations. …

One thought on “The big 2022 “social housing” con

  1. If a week is a long time in politics, then 4 years is so far past the event horizon as to be meaningless.

    This really seems like hype by an increasingly desperate government that is being shown up for the nasty greedy incompetent party that it is and which stupidly thinks that this type of empty promise will win back the popularity it needs to stop it becoming a political pariah for a generation or two.

    Believe this tripe at your peril.


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