Sidford Business Park – Sidmouth Herald ignores hard work of independent councillors

“East Devon District Council (EDDC) announced the news today (Tuesday) that the site would be a ‘detriment to highway safety’ due to the increase of HGV traffic it would bring to inadequate road.

Therefore the controversial plans will not go before its development management committee, as previously expected.

Last week, more than 100 people attended a campaign meeting objecting to the proposed plans for 8,445sqm of employment floor space at the Two Bridges site. …”

Disgracefully, the newspaper then allows two councillors who played very little part in public protest (and one of whom allowed the hasty decision to include it in the Local Plan) and no mention or comment from Independent Councillors (particularly East Devon Alliance councillor Marianne Rixon) who have been constantly doing all the hard work and (at least in this article) none of the recognition.

2 thoughts on “Sidford Business Park – Sidmouth Herald ignores hard work of independent councillors

  1. Marianne Rixson and Dawn Manley are both East Devon Alliance councillors – well done ladies!!


  2. When EDDC spends almost all its advertising budget with Archant, and Archant are dependent upon the goodwill of the Council leadership for this revenue, and when Archant (and other local newspapers) cannot afford the staff to write articles from scratch but instead just tweak the Press Release from EDDC, then should we be at all surprised?

    Democracy is reliant on an effective independent and unbiased press in order to be democracy. When the local press is as biased as this (for whatever reason), can you really claim it is still a democracy?


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