2 thoughts on “EDDC risk-taking on Exmouth road for sake of a couple of months delay

  1. This action by EDDC raises a number of issues- regardless of what one may think of the watersports concept.
    Firstly why did it come to the council meeting as an emergency item and why was it allowed to go ahead? Our councillors are expected to make decisions based on information and there are sensible rules about giving them time to do some research on the matters before them so that they can make an informed decision when they vote. This came out so late no such opportunity was available for many to do any research or for any consultation (sound familiar?) It appears the final decision was made not on information, but on party lines. One of my own (Tory) councillors had not even had time to read my email on the subject before the debate.
    Secondly, this development is allegedly part of some great masterplan. Well we have seen that the initial steps were entirely focused on getting the existing tenants out regardless of the fact that that they, EDDC, were not in a position to proceed when they had gained possession. When the local population had repeatedly hammered home their disgust at the prospect of our glorious seafront consisting to a large extent as a demolition site for years, ONLY then did EDDC think about an intermediate measure- and so we got the temporary play area- except that it now looks like it will not be as temporary as intended and run into a second year.
    Now we have the promise of a watersports facility, but things seem to be happening with some of the ‘names’ connected with the project and written assurances are not yet on the pieces of paper they apparently should be on. But we have assurances! Remember those assurances we have had in the past? That there was no problem with JLS acting for both the seller and buyer of Elizabeth Hall, of Moirai being a great preferred partner? Oh, nearly forgot, that the move of EDDC’s HQ would be cost neautral. What a sackful of rotten fish some of those assurances have proven to be.
    A project like this watersports project surely has a project manager, pulling together all the different aspects with a place for everything and everything in its place. Whoever it is ought to know exactly where the authorisation for delegating authority to Cohen should fit into this masterplan timewise. But no, it seems that someone has just realised that winter is on its way and that might make some work more difficult. Well, I’m sorry that nobody thought to warn EDDC’s project manager about winter coming though I ought to point out that the winter problems of foul weather and sand build-up has frequently been brought to their master’s attention.
    If this ends up costing us more, then I would hope that a number of officers, staff and councillors who have controlled this project will have the decency to resign.
    Only in Easy Devon!


  2. So, Grenadier are “committed “ says their spokesperson, which in politico speak means absolutely nothing.
    Have EDDC had Grenadier sign a document “ committing “ them to reimbursing EDDC if they pull out after essential infrastructure work is carried out?
    No ! I didn’t think so!
    If there is anybody on the ruling Tory council who can shine a torch through the gloaming, please turn it on and let those who voted you in to do a good job know that they aren’t complete idiots.


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