Swire, the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and Business Forum

Swire is Deputy Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council.

Sounds good in every sense, doesn’t it?

He reveals he paid £2,083 every month until further notice for 10 hrs per month. £208 per hour – not half bad!

So what is this organisation? It describes itself as:

“CWEIC is responsible for organising the Commonwealth Business Forum alongside the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and Commonwealth Trade Ministers Meeting on alternative years.

Our day to day activity focuses primarily upon serving the interests of our members. We run a number of different scale and format events each year, providing Members with networking opportunities, access to leading Commonwealth figures from the worlds of government and business, and the chance to shape the Commonwealth’s business policies and agenda. …”

Oh Lord, not another Business Forum! It is actually a business, describing itself as:

“Management consultancy activities other than financial management”

And, as Owl has reported, somewhat controversial:

Good fun going to
and inputting Swire – lots of interesting stuff, particularly this one:


And it plans to take advantage of Brexit as you would expect:

It partners with a controversial American company to make money from the Commonwealth:

Tangled webs, tangled webs …

One thought on “Swire, the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council and Business Forum

  1. Just to be absolutely clear. Presumably when you said ‘he paid £2,083 every month until further notice for 10 hours per month’ you meant to say ‘he is paid £2,083 every month until further notice for 10 hours per month’.
    Wonder exactly what he does to justify being paid £208 per hour? Was the job advertised? No doubt some of his constituents would have been interested in applying at that rate. And presumably he does the work in 10 hours in which he is not needed to carry out parliamentary duties for his East Devon constituents.


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