The Hermione Grainger of local politics – able to be in two places at the same time!

Phil Twiss (who is NOT the East Devon Tories Whip but is a Tory agent has sent this to Owl.

Just one thing Phil – if she’s been so busy in the Axe Valley, how has she managed to do so much in West Sussex! On parish and district council there and many committees.

Do we have a Hermione Grainger here – able to be in two places at once?

“Well done Owl; you have excelled yourself in getting at least half of the story correct.

I am happy to confirm that Jacquie Russell, a Conservative candidate in the forthcoming East Devon District Council elections on the 2nd of May (with fellow Conservative Marcus Hartnell) has lived in East Devon since 2017, where she is a Governor of the Axe Valley Academy, attended by one of her children. Admittedly not a born and bred local, but in that respect no different to EDA candidates including former Labour Party PPC Martin Shaw, Paul Arnott, Paul Hayward, Cathy Gardner etc………………………………..

More details are of course available on her Election leaflets that is going to all electors in the Seaton ward.

Promoted by Phillip Twiss on behalf of Jacquie Russell both of PO Box 57, Colyton, Devon, EX12 9AP”

3 thoughts on “The Hermione Grainger of local politics – able to be in two places at the same time!

  1. Hmmm – not exactly like Paul Arnott, Martin Shaw, Paul Hayward, Cathy Gardner or the other EDA Independents all of whom I know very well at a personal level and none of whom have a far-right-wing bone in their body.

    Here are a few more facts gleaned from the internet:

    She is a property developer (“Jacquie Russell, Property Developer, Town Councillor Ashplats Ward, Chairman of Town Planning East Grinstead Town Council” “25 years in retail construction. Now property developing because its hard work and easy money ” ) – note she is actually no longer a member of East Grinstead Town Council.

    Member of West Sussex County Council with membership of Children and Young People’s Services Select Committee, North Mid Sussex County Local Committee, Planning Committee, Rights of Way Committee, Leader Local Action Group: Central Sussex, Adviser to the Cabinet Member for Highways and Infrastructure advising on highways ( ) – Anyone see the multiple conflicts of interest yet?

    Note: She was elected as member of WSCC in May 2017 with next elections in May 2021. She was elected by votes from 16.3% of the electorate, getting just over half of all votes actually cast.

    Her register of interest can be found here: but don’t bother as it says nothing. Apparently she (and her husband if she has one) owns property in East Grinstead, but have no jobs or income and have no shares worth £25k or more than 1% of the company.

    She also has a record as County Councillor on the East Grinstead Town Council web site which says she is also on the WSCC Public Services Committee, and her register of interests there says she has a job / income and that she owns shares more than £25,000 or 1% in Sainsbury’s Supermarkets ( ) – Anyone see the inconsistencies in these?


  2. Well the Tories must be desperate to have to bring in a candidate from outside – a serving councillor in West Sussex no less – to stand in Seaton. Even worse is that she’s from the far right wing part of the party. Seaton deserves better. I’m personally shocked that Marcus Hartnell feels comfortable being aligned to this woman.


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