EDDC lays down the law on Ian Thomas defection

“… Mark Williams, East Devon District Council’s chief executive, said: “This is a personal decision taken by councillor Thomas. From a returning officer perspective the election for the Trinity ward will continue.

“Cllr Thomas has been validly nominated to stand in the Trinity Ward and the ballot papers will show that he is standing as a Conservative candidate as this was the basis on which he was nominated. The change in circumstances does not countermand the election process and it will go ahead on May 2.

“From a chief executive perspective, cllr Thomas is the Leader of the Council and remains as such until the circumstances set out in Article 6.03 of the Council’s Constitution occur. These are that either cllr Thomas resigns as leader; is suspended from being a councillor; is no longer a councillor; is removed by resolution of the council; or another leader is elected at the Annual Council Meeting on the May 22.”


One thought on “EDDC lays down the law on Ian Thomas defection

  1. So – Ian Thomas was nominated as a Conservative candidate, then switched to being an Independent soon afterwards.

    Yet because his nomination was as a Conservative, he will be shown on the ballot paper as Conservative even though he is standing as an Independent. This can only be confusing for the electorate.

    So what were his reasons for resigning from the Conservatives after his nomination? Was there a particular event that triggered this? Or perhaps he had a sudden revelation about the nastiness of his own party that had never crossed his mind previously? Or was this a deliberate attempt to prevent the Conservatives putting up an alternative candidate against him? Or were there meetings he wanted to attend as a Conservative that he wanted to wait for? Or is he simply hoping to capture both the Conservative and Independent votes by having a foot in each camp?

    And despite what he has said about the central Conservative Party, he has said that he has no issues with the local Conservative Party, so after the elections will he be persuaded to rejoin the Conservatives – particularly since he can now claim that he was elected as one because the ballot paper will say exactly that?

    Confusing? You bet.
    Legal? Apparently so according to the Election Returning Officer.
    Moral? Very questionable in my opinion.


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