Report on Sidmouth hustings

[Mr Venner – Conservative candidate – appears to say in a comment on a previous post that he was not invited. He might want to take this up with his agent or constituency office as there may be some crossed wires there somewhere]

“The hustings in Sidmouth went well last night:
Futures Forum: Sidmouth Town and District council elections > HUSTINGS event > political speed dating

To quote a commentator:

“I thought it was a good convivial event which achieved its purpose for voters who attended. It was good to see the candidates being engaged and convivial with each other, and all in all I think the event was worthwhile, contributing to an awareness of the upcoming elections and the importance of voting.”

There is further lively comment happening on the East Devon Watch blog:
Tories no-show at Sidmouth hustings last night | East Devon Watch

The organisers of the event were at pains to contact all the candidates.

  • All current Councillors who are standing in contested wards were contacted.
  • However some of the other candidates did not have email addresses readily available.
  • The following agents, political parties and representative groups were contacted with the request that the invitation to the hustings be passed on:
    • Devon UKIP: local agent
    • East Devon Conservative Party:
    • East Devon Labour Party: local agent
    • East Devon Liberal Democrats:
    • Independent East Devon Alliance:
    • Sid Valley Democracy:
  • Otherwise, letters of invitation were sent to those with no such contact address or party/group affiliation.
  • The following candidates sent in their apologies:
    • Stuart Hughes (District Conservative; Town Independent)
    • Ian McKenzie Edwards (Town)
    • Louise Thompson (Town Independent)
    • Jenny Ware (District Conservative; Town Independent)
  • Otherwise, several candidates did not attend or send in apologies, despite their agents, political parties and representative groups being contacted.

Here is more information about the candidates:
Futures Forum: Sidmouth Town and District council elections > HUSTINGS event > Tuesday 30th April > candidates’ manifestos

Finally, it was noted that several members of the public popped into the Hall to ‘have a look’ but did not want to venture in – feeling either that ‘there was no point in voting’ or that ‘all politicians are corrupt/useless/a waste of time’…

Let’s hope that voters do nevertheless turn up tomorrow on voting day.”