BOTH Independents elected in Exmouth Brixington

Not sure why recounted 3 times as margins clear for 3 elected – shoulder chips? Sorry getting Brixington and Litleham mixed up. Stir crazy …

Exmouth Brixington (three seats)
Brian Bailey (Liberal Democrats) – 467
Bruce De Saram (Conservative) – 606 ELECTED
Keith Edwards (Labour) – 328
Nick Hookway (Independent) – 996 ELECTED
Ono Olmedo (Liberal Democrats) – 477
David Poor (Liberal Democrats) – 434
Alan Whipps (Conservative) – 536
Joy Whipps (Conservative) – 534
Chris Wright (Independent) – 1,071 ELECTED

Every vote DOES count – Exmouth Brixington on THIRD recount

A THIRD count is underway for Exmouth Brixington!
A few groans as it was announced, but the numbers must be close.
We’re also expecting the winning candidates to be announced for Woodbury and Lympstone soon, but we guess the Brixington fiasco has thrown things a bit out of loop.
Watch this space.

Twiss and Allen win Honiton St Micharls and immediately make promises …

Conservative Phil Twiss topped the poll in the Honiton St Michael’s ward with 790 votes.
Fellow Tory Mike Allen was second with 763 and Liberal Democrat Luke Jeffery took the third seat with 700 votes.
Cllr Allen said: “I am delighted Phil Twiss and I have been re-elected so we can continue to serve well as we have done for the past eight years or more.
“But clearly there has been a very strong protest vote nationally with the number of Conservative votes down.
“We will make sure the district council remains strongly orientated towards economic growth and good housing whilst protecting the environment.”

Theresa May’s council gets Indie shock! 9 Indies get seats!

“The Conservatives secured a narrow majority as the local elections saw a huge shake-up in the Royal Borough.

The Tories were elected to 23 out of 41 available seats, followed by the Lib Dems with nine, The Borough First with three, West Windsor Residents Association with three, Old Windsor Residents Association with two and the National Flood Prevention Party with one councillor. …”

Why are EDDC district council results SO slow!

Started at 10 am, Four results by 11.30 am, nothing since … at this rate 6pm finish is looking optimistic …

Mark Williams, CEO and Returning Officer, is paid extra to supervise results. We don’t know how much as election officers and how they spend their allocated budgets are not subject to Freedom of Information requests.

But we do know, the more counters the quicker the results … the fewer counters more left in an EDDC account that can be used for anything else.