Swire, his other jobs, the controversial Lord and the Russian oligarch

Our current MP has fingers in many pies, here is a closer look at just one of those pies.

As Owl has previously reported:


Swire has added this lucrative job to his Register of Interests:

“From 1 February 2019 until further notice, non-executive chairman of the Enbarr Fund, an early stage venture capital fund with universities in Ireland. Remuneration from Imprimatur Capital, Fifth Floor, 1 Tudor Street, London EC4Y 0AH. I received £15,000 on 6 February 2019 and until further notice I will receive £2,500 a month in return for a monthly commitment equivalent to 8 hrs. (Registered 22 February 2019).”


Further investigation of Imprimatur Capital reveals that one of the company’s very recent former directors is Swire’s old pal – controversial Lord Greg Barker – with whom he shares another directorship in a (currently dormant) company – Eaglesham Investments, about which Owl has written extensively.

Barker has taken temporary leave of absence from the House of Lords so that his work for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska does not have to come under scrutiny or a conflict of interest spotlight. He resigned from Imprimatur Capital only on 5 April 2019.

Barker is said to have received a $4 million bonus for work he did in the USA to get sanctions on his boss lifted:


Imprimatur appears to have a Latvian connection:

and the European Investment Fund says this about the company:

“About Imprimatur Capital

Imprimatur Capital is an international seed investor in high-growth technology businesses with global market potential. To date Imprimatur Capital has invested in 23 companies in Europe, Russia and the Asia Pacific region, in sectors including enterprise software, electronics, medical technology, homeland security and wireless/mobile. Imprimatur Capital is an active shareholder and helps its portfolio companies to grow and develop, expand into new markets, and increase in value.


Boy, Owl bets that Barker and Swire have some interesting conversations about their overlapping jobs!

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  1. He has to fill his work portfolio in preparation for for no longer being the MP representing East Devin following the next General Election. He will have to find lots more work as it will make such a difference to his works diary owing to his huge contribution to East Devon …… NOT !!!! 🤣


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