Change at Grenadier – developer of Exmouth seafront

Peter Quincey – who was in charge of operations for Exmouth seafront and the long-stalled St Margaret’s School site in Exeter – has sold his shares and left the company on 29 April 2019. Quincey had previously worked for Devon County Council. He had resigned from another Grenadier company last June:

Pauline Stott and John Mark Williamson are still shown as active directors of Queen’s Drive Exmouth Community Interest Company along with Glenn Woodcock of Grenadier, who replaced Peter Quincey on 29 April 2019 and who holds 16 directorships, mostly in Grenadier companies:

though Owl assumes Mrs Stott and Mr Williamson will be replaced by current independent councillors, perhaps as early as tomorrow, as they are no longer councillors.

Owl suspects that – with the seafront still a building site – new Councillors may be inheriting a bit of a mess. And do recall that, as part of their contract, Grenadier must commence their seafront project within 4 days of the Queen’s Drive road completion and sign-off.