Independent East Devon Alliance Leader responds to criticism

Comment by Paul Arnott:

“Dear Owl

Just two points of information re the above (this was a comment on the post regarding the chairing of the Development Management Committee:

a) Mike Howe is already a much-admired chair of Development Management, and as someone who believes in the best person for the job whatever political background I have no personal problem with his continuing

b) Independent East Devon Alliance councillors were ready, willing and eager to become as many Cabinet members or committee heads as we were asked to be, but the Leader of the Independent Group, now of the Council, Ben Ingham, refused to consider us.

all best

Paul Arnott”

One thought on “Independent East Devon Alliance Leader responds to criticism

  1. Presumably Paul Arnott is referring to my criticism and questions among others. I first learned of differences between the independent groups shortly after the election, but then I was told that these had been resolved following a meeting two weeks ago. I know that there are very strong feelings about Paul Arnott’s conduct among the other group. Paul’s comment seems only to refer to the lack of jobs offered yesterday, not to any previous attempt. Please answer clearly did this meeting take place, if it did why did the other group think agreement had been reached, what jobs or proportion had been offered, and what demanded by IEDA?


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