Can you be the “official opposition” if one of your members chairs a committee at EDDC?

Owl is having difficulty understanding how Tories can be the “official opposition” if one of their members chairs a current influential committee (Mike Howe, Development Management).

If East devon Alliance, Lib Dems and Greens got together they would have one more member than Tories … not that this will happen, but just saying …

Surely you can’t oppose what you have just inserted yourselves into?

EDDC new Leader’s valedictory speech … deputy leader promises continuity

Read it if you must (it reminds Owl somewhat of a Leader’s speech from Paul Diviani in the past promising a “lean, green and seen administration)

but Councillor Susie Bond, deputy leader, put it most succinctly:

” … Our first priority is to provide continuity, ensuring the council functions better than ever. …”

So, continuity … not sure that’s what people voted for when the voted for members of the Independent Group.

Watch that space!

Independent East Devon Alliance Leader responds to criticism

Comment by Paul Arnott:

“Dear Owl

Just two points of information re the above (this was a comment on the post regarding the chairing of the Development Management Committee:

a) Mike Howe is already a much-admired chair of Development Management, and as someone who believes in the best person for the job whatever political background I have no personal problem with his continuing

b) Independent East Devon Alliance councillors were ready, willing and eager to become as many Cabinet members or committee heads as we were asked to be, but the Leader of the Independent Group, now of the Council, Ben Ingham, refused to consider us.

all best

Paul Arnott”