Owl takes no pleasure in it’s second sight … and wrong conclusion

Owl wrote this on 5 May 2019. Owl takes no pleasure at all in being prescient – but totally wrong in saying that it would not happen.


Self-interest and ego – title before right person for the job
Power games – valuing being top-dog over best person for job
Infighting – not sorting out best person for job, letting personalities rule
Really being a closet Tory – and ensuring they are your first priority
Dishonesty to voters, unaccountability
Lack of transparency – scrutiny, scrutiny, scrutiny and then more scrutiny
Being developer or officer-led – letting Sir Humphrey sabotage policies

But it isn’t going to happen is it Independents?”


But it did.

One thought on “Owl takes no pleasure in it’s second sight … and wrong conclusion

  1. To paraphrase a famous Roman orator – “public servants start, in all good faith, by serving the public they represent but inevitably end up serving themselves”. Times may change but human nature seems to remain constant……


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