BoJo: always check his promises …

“The proposal from Boris Johnson, the favourite in the Tory leadership contest, to ensure that every school in England gets at least £5,000 per pupil (see 10.51am) could amount to a spending increase of just £48.6m, or 0.1%, according to a report for Schools Week.”

… Schools Week analysis of provisional national funding formula data for next year found just 35 of 150 local authorities are due to be funded at less than £5,000 per pupil.

To increase per-pupil funding to £5,000 for the roughly 755,000 secondary pupils in those areas would cost just £48.6 million – the equivalent to just 0.1 per cent of the £43.5 billion the government will spend on schools in 2019-20.”

Johnson’s school funding pledge amounts to 0.1% increase

OK with you, Tory parents?

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