Schools need protection from air pollution

… Reviews of air pollution in schools, similar to Ofsted inspections, will be launched for the first time amid mounting concerns over the effect of toxic fumes on pupils’ health and education.

Air quality audits will be carried out in classrooms and playgrounds, with a range of measures being introduced to clean up the worst affected schools.

This includes the possibility of cars being banned from streets bordering some schools and moving bus stops further away from schools. …”

Source:Times, paywall

One thought on “Schools need protection from air pollution

  1. Local residents need protection from pollution too, a dozen or so coaches twice a day puffing their toxic fumes, plus all the traffic that is sitting there in both directions unable to move past the coaches. The children breathe in the fumes too whilst they wait to get on the coaches. Not near the school itself – Colyton Grammar School, yet the unlucky residents have to endure the worst of it, we have a right to clean air too and the days of ‘bussing’ children all over the place should stop.


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