Independent Group councillors getting flak about Exmouth regeneration

Contributors do appear somewhat confused about personal and prejudicial interests and predisposition. This might help:

But this is the problem with “social enterprises”, “joint working” and “contractual obligations” – so many grey areas where things can go wrong or be misinterpreted.

6 thoughts on “Independent Group councillors getting flak about Exmouth regeneration

  1. Apologies over failing to correctly read “contributors”. I really should stick to my normal principle of only reacting to something when I can read it on my laptop.
    However my comment referred to a matter that is of public record although subject to a strange interpretation in its official explanation. Owl has my email address and could have either queried before editing or have responded to my subsequent offer.


  2. Can this really be the same Owl who edited my honest comments and ignored the offer of corroborative evidence? Yet you are now prepared to spread offensive comments from a group of well known cheerleaders for the plans that have progressed accompanied by a very strong and suspicious odour for a number of years. These councillors named have been elected significantly for their stance on these matters. What is important is that with them in place the affairs of the regeneration board present and past should become open to scrutiny. A marked contrast to all that has gone before. I would question why there is a place for a representative of the company who secretly took a 50k payment from public funds to welsh on their custodial obligations over the covenants on the seafront. Owl also knows why I object to Mr McQueen’s presence, although for some reason he will not allow his readers to read it. I am also puzzled that the chair of this board and a directorship of an associated community interest company have been given to “Independents” from Cranbrook, who were elected on a very Cranbrookcentric ticket. At least they are not the one who is married to a died in the wool Tory councillor.


    • Owl left out a sentence that made an allegation that was not substantiated by a source. Happy to publish if reputable sources can be cited. Owl pointed out that those making the comments appeared not to understand aspects of prejudicial and personal interests and pointed to a reference that made the distinctions clearer and benefitted councillors by the explanation. Owl DOES stand by the comment that joint ventures have to be carefully considered before councillors agree to put their names to them.


    • Im sorry but the chairman of a anti development protest group who have been campaigning against the regeneration for years and also put their own plan forward for the site . And the previous tenant who was made to leave after a court battle with the council and also put his own plans for the site forward . How do they not both have to declare personal , Prejudicial and pecuniary interests in the site . There is a massive conflict of interest with both of them . They must have known that before even running for the council .


    • Anyone can put a plan in for any site, anywhere. You could put a plan in to demolish your neighbour’s house and it might even get permission, but you would need to own the land to carry it out. If councillors do not profit personally, they are free to join a development project on behalf of a council. Nothing goes into their bank accounts, they get no personal shares or dividends, they don’t own any of the assets – the council might own them subsequently but not them personally. Pecuniary interest would mean that they (or very close family members) personally profited from the project and they would have to leave meetings and not vote. A personal interest might be, say, attending classes in a hall being considered by a developer for housing – then the councillor could stay AND vote. A predisposition means that although they may have had a view in the past that they have open minds and are prepared to listen to new facts and, possibly, change their minds. These distinctions are important and, outside pecuniary interest, councillors are free to act as they wish and vote as they wish as long what they are doing is lawful. Many councils do joint ventures with developers and appoint councillors as directors to social enterprise companies. But every councillor needs to understand exactly what they are signing up to.


    • Cheer leaders for the plans . What plans there have never been plans just proposals without full detail of what could be put in the area . Hence why I have been putting forward ideas since the start of the regeneration . As for your strong and suspicious odour comment mark I think you need to clarify what your saying . I am t total I don’t drink or do drugs so if your going to throw around wild accusations you had better be able to back it up .


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