Devon school likely to close on Friday afternoons to save money says councilor

“Devon’s schools could soon be forced to shut on Friday afternoons due to budget pressures, a leading councillor is predicting, while a headteacher has warned: “It’s not going to be long before a school goes bankrupt.”

Cllr Rob Hannaford, the chairman of Devon County Councils Children’s Scrutiny Committee, said he is convinced a school in Devon will soon join schools nationwide closing on Friday afternoons to give teachers the preparation and planning time required, because they cannot afford to pay for an additional teacher to cover those sessions.

A group of more than 80 cross-party MPs who have written to Chancellor Philip Hammond urging him to increase school and special needs funding before permanent damage is done to the education of children across England. …”

One thought on “Devon school likely to close on Friday afternoons to save money says councilor

  1. The con of austerity was that the belief the one day the money would come back. It hasn’t and won’t under a Conservative government. Yesterday I heard Jeremy Hunt casually say that a no deal Brexit would have the same economic impact as the 2008 financial crisis. So both Tory leadership candidates would be happy to implement the same level of cuts again? What would that mean? School closures, no road repairs, bimonthly rubbish collection? Ah, but maybe you can pay directly for some of these. And more council tax.


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