Green or Greed?

From a correspondent:

“Owl is not the only one to shine a light into the darkest corners of East Devon and keep an eye on local issues, with last night’s BBC Inside Out programme investigating the reality behind the ‘green’ credentials of local anaerobic digesters by focussing on the sizeable expansion of digester developments attached to Enfield Farm, Clyst St Mary and Menchine Farm, Nomansland, Tiverton.

Regrettably, the finest technological innovations that could benefit our local districts and, indeed, our entire planet can be corrupted for short term financial gain by the few! There is, no doubt, that environmentally-sound, sustainable waste to energy systems have the potential to be beneficial but such eco-friendly practices must be governed by the law and flouting local planning conditions specifically in place to protect the environment and local people is both intolerable and insupportable.

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is a Parliamentary Law in place to regulate the development of land and is not to be manipulated, abused and interpreted by developers seeking to achieve huge profits under the guise of conforming to national and international renewable energy targets. Non-recognition of authority and controlling systems is the definition of anarchy – none of us are above the law!

Although the Planning Permitted Development Rights have recently been extended in 2019 to achieve greater flexibility and speed up planning delivery processes, none of us envisage a carte blanche approach, where we can all ignore planning laws and embark on building high-rise blocks of flats in our gardens, whilst justifying their existence through Government housing needs figures!”