How can Lib Dems have a Leader if she can’t lead?

Lib Dem Leader says it is up to local party groups to decide whether to put up a candidate – she can’t intervene.

A vote for a Lib Dem in East Devon is a vote for the Tories.

If the Leader of the Lib Dems can’t stop a Tory victory, surely “Leader” is an oxy-moron?

One thought on “How can Lib Dems have a Leader if she can’t lead?

  1. The new leader of the Liberal Democrats, whose voting record in Parliament is anything but Liberal, says that her party is ready for government. That must be a joke, designed to secure headlines, because it entails an increase of just 306 seats, assuming that the current squad retain their representation.What is more serous is that she proclaims that she is ready to become prime minister! However, by fielding a Liberal Democrat in East Devon she is helping the Conservatives. Apparently, Jo Swinson is ready to be prime minister and all that that entails, yet she cannot persuade a local member to stand aside to help ensure that the Conservatives are denied. How would she cope with Trump and the preservation of the NHS?? There is only one solution to this. Vote for Claire Wright, who has always lived in the constituency and who has worked hard for all electors at town, district and county level, for many years.


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