The fakest of fake (Tory) news

Was Owl the only one who found this reprehensible?

“Tories pretend to be factchecking service during leaders’ debate

The Conservatives have been accused of misleading the public after they rebranded their official Twitter account as “factcheckUK” during the televised leaders’ debate and used it to publish anti-Labour posts.

The public have increasingly turned to factchecking websites, such as the independent Full Fact, the BBC’s Reality Check, Channel 4 News’ FactCheck and the Guardian’s Factcheck, to verify claims made by politicians.

During Tuesday night’s debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, the Conservative party renamed their main media account as “factcheckUK”, changed its logo to hide its political origins, and used it to push pro-Conservative material to the public. …”

One thought on “The fakest of fake (Tory) news

  1. Some of us have been pointing out for YEARS that the Tories will literally do anything – however grubby or deceitful or dishonest or unethical – to keep hold of or gain power.

    Do whilst this disgusts me, it doesn’t surprise me.

    Literally true: How can you tell when a tory politician is lying? Their lips are moving.


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