Stormzy creates massive spike in voter registration

If you don’t know who Stormzy is you are out of touch with the young people to whom this election is massively important!

If you do know who Stormzy is, you like what he says but you haven’t registered to vote – do it now at:

“Voter registration saw a 236 per cent spike on the day Stormzy tweeted in support of Labour (Monday 25 November).

The grime star wrote that he believed Boris Johnson to be a “sinister man” with a “long record of lying and policies that have absolutely no regard for the people that our government should be committed to helping and empowering”.

According to a performance breakdown on the GOV.UK website, 366,000 people registered to vote on Monday, compared to 109,000 the day before.

Some 150,000 of those registration applications were from people under the age of 25, while 114,000 were from those aged 25 to 34. …”